For Designers

We work with our design partners to help them to get more projects and to deliver them more profitably, efficiently and enjoyably. We do this by helping them with the entire lifecycle of developing web applications for their clients.

We have been responsible for building hundreds of applications and our team presents internationally on software engineering and web development so we have the experience and the credibility to help you to win more projects and deliver them more successfully.

Sales Support
When you get an inquiry from a potential client that needs a custom web application, give us a call. We can help with anything from responding to an RFP to answering pre-sales technical questions. Sometimes we are even available for in-person presentations. We are knowledgeable about everything from scaling and performance to language and framework choices. Let our geeks speak to your clients geeks to bolster your technical credentials!

Having specified and built hundreds of applications, we have a lot of experience in developing fixed bid quotes for complex applications. By getting us to help you with the quote, we can often identify and resolve issues upfront that could make the difference between a profitable gig and a nightmare of a loss making project if you don't catch them before starting to build the site.

We are continually developing new tools to simplify communication between our teams and in the spring of 2010 will be launching a brandable portal you can optionally use to manage project communications and to streamline the process of working with your clients to deliver web applications.


We teach developers around the world best practices for developing maintainable, powerful, scalable web applications. However, we also have very efficient systems for developing web applications. As such we can provide top quality solutions for your clients - at an extremely affordable price.


We have our own dedicated hosting environment for quickly and reliably hosting and managing the applications we build. However, we can also provide deployment services to help your clients to deploy to their preferred hosting environment - whether it be a simple shared server, a dedicated in-house cluster or a cloud computing solution.

All of the applications we develop are designed to be easy to maintain. Whether it's through a content management system or through changes to our application code, we have the ability to create well architected applications that can grow with your clients requirements over the years.

If you've ever been frustrated by a developer that didn't "get" your clients business requirements, that delivered a shoddy product or that  simply didn't deliver on time, contact us. Let's discuss your requirements and come up with a project where you can try us out and experience the benefits of working with one of the most credible and experienced development teams in the industry.

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